Identity & Access Management Services

Does Your Sensitive Data Have Broad Access?

Time Is Key

eFriendly can help you ensure that only the right people have access to the right information at the right time, whether they are employees or customers.


Have your privileged accounts gone unmanaged? Are your users’ permissions over privileged beyond their roles? Do you have one Admin account connected to multiple services or applications?

Gate Keeping 101

Users often have too much access as the company tries to increase productivity or reduce user frustration by opening up more access. People’s responsibilities change, and people come and go. These accounts are forgotten about or often go unmonitored.  These situations pose an increased security risk as the doors are left wide open.

eFriendly Has You Covered

eFriendly will work with you to implement the proper procedures, policies, and technology for your business. We have expertise and experience in the following areas:

Consumer Identity And Access Management

Access Management

Privileged Access Management

Identity Governance And Administration

Two-Factor Authentication

Role-Based Access

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