Wireless Installation

Efriendly is proud to be a Ruckus Bigdog Reseller. Ruckus Wireless is recognized as one of the world’s¬†leading wireless companies. Partnering with one of the best wireless companies allows us to provide our customers the best in class wireless networks. Whether you are looking to provide access to your office,¬†school, church or hotel, Efriendly will design a solution to meet your need.

Over the past 2 years, we have noticed that wireless utilization has increased by 4 or more times. In hotels that that have 100 rooms, we are seeing 200 or more connections during peak hours. In years past, each room represented 1 laptop. Now a typical room might have 2 smartphones, 1 laptop and a tablet. Have you tested your bandwidth against this type of load?

Call us to eliminate holes in your wireless coverage.