Security Services

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24/7/365 Protection Of Your Network

Protection of your network through monitoring, detection, and real-time threat containment, 24/7/365.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Immediately detect abnormal behavior and suspicious activity on workstations and servers and be notified by the Security Operations Center (SOC) right away when a threat needs to be investigated. With this information, you can prioritize and remediate infected machines, significantly reducing detection, response time and the costs of a potential breach.

Managed Detection And Response (MDR)

eFriendly can provide access to the right Endpoint Security and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions. We also provide Security Awareness and Training Solutions for you and your employees, as the user can be the weak link when it comes to security.

eFriendly's Security Solutions

Get the security team that you deserve with Security Solutions through eFriendly. We provide:

Security Awareness and Training Solutions


Device Encryption

Endpoint/BYOD Management and Security

Managed Detection & Response 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Privileged Access Management

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