Who We Are

Not Your Everyday IT Company. When You Don’t Need Conventional, You Need eFriendly

Who We Are

eFriendly is an extension of the people leading it and working in it. The name doesn’t define the company, the people working in it do. So, from that perspective eFriendly is about trustworthiness, commitment, keeping our word, and doing the right thing, always.

Premium Talent

eFriendly is a global network of premium consulting talent, with vast experience in the field, world class strategic capabilities, and executional expertise. 


We partner with our clients to help transform their businesses, optimize their assets/resources, and guide them through all stages of the business lifecycle.

The Right People

Our model is holistic: we bring the right people together to overcome complexity, drive material change, and spur positive, long-term impact.


We focus on Consulting, Project Delivery Services, Managed Services, and Professional Services.


Through our access to a broad and unique collection of talent, we ensure the organizations we serve have access to the right resources at the right time.

What We Believe

God First, Family Second, Job Third

Proper work/life balance and making sure the important things in life are identified and prioritized accordingly.

It’s All About The Relationship

To be a true partner we need to build a relationship and that means understanding what’s important to our clients and vendors, not just professionally, but personally.

Our Employees Are Family

Our employees need to know that we are interested in their lives and that they are respected.

Go The Extra Mile

Don’t just fix the immediate issue. Ask questions, understand the issues and concerns. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.

Be Present

Be an active participant in the conversation or support effort with our clients and vendors.

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