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Securing Your Software Assets

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Navigating the complex world of software licensing can be daunting. eFriendly specializes in recommending, purchasing, and managing your software licenses with expertise and efficiency. We take on the responsibility of managing and documenting how your business utilizes its software and licenses. Proper license management is critical to ensure your business stays compliant with both enterprise licenses and end-user license agreements (EULA), safeguarding against any legal or financial pitfalls that may arise from improper usage or overstepping license limits.

Many companies inadvertently create hidden costs by purchasing extra licenses for contingency. eFriendly helps align your software licenses precisely with your needs, preventing unnecessary expenses. We identify unused licenses and streamline your license inventory, ensuring you only pay for what you truly need, thus avoiding the financial drain of over-purchasing.

Our services go beyond mere management; we ensure that your software licenses are optimized, compliant, and perfectly aligned with your business operations. Let eFriendly manage your software assets effectively, reducing costs and enhancing security, so you can focus on what you do best.

License Management Essentials

License Compliance: Ensuring adherence to the terms of your software licenses and EULAs.

Inventory Management: Keeping track of all your software licenses for efficient management.

Cost Reduction: Identifying opportunities to reduce costs through license optimization.


License Optimization Services

Software Upgrade Identification

Identifying outdated software that may pose security risks and need upgrading.

License Verification

Confirming the suitability and legality of your current licenses for their intended use.

Procurement Standardization

Streamlining and standardizing the process of acquiring new software licenses.

Optimize Your Software Licensing with eFriendly

Ready to streamline your software license management? Connect with eFriendly for comprehensive support in license compliance, cost optimization, and inventory management. Let’s ensure your software assets are a strategic advantage, not a liability.

Compliance and Cost Management

Inventory Optimization

Keeping your license and software inventory up-to-date to minimize over-purchasing.

Compliance Documentation

Meticulously documenting your software licenses to ensure full compliance and avoid penalties.

License Cleanup

Organizing and rationalizing your existing licenses for maximum efficiency and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct thorough reviews and audits of your software licenses against their usage, ensuring compliance with all relevant agreements and licenses.

Absolutely. By optimizing your software inventory and aligning it with your actual needs, we help you avoid over-purchasing, thus reducing costs.

We identify and advise on consolidating or eliminating unused licenses, helping you streamline your software assets for better financial efficiency.

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