Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Unleashing High-Performance Computing Anywhere, Anytime

Revolutionize Your Computing Experience

eFriendly’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) redefines virtual desktop experiences, catering to both high-end computing demands and everyday application needs. From resource-intensive tasks like 3D Design, CAD, and simulations to everyday applications such as Office 365 and Adobe, our DaaS solution delivers unparalleled performance suitable on Windows PCs, Macs, Thin-Clients, Chromebooks, and iPads. Hosted in our proprietary data center, these desktops are not just virtual workspaces – they’re supercomputers, streamed like Netflix, ready to handle AI, Machine Learning, development testing environments, or centralized desktop computing for your entire organization.

eFriendly’s DaaS is more than just virtual desktop infrastructure – it’s a gateway to high-performance computing accessible from anywhere from PCs to iPads. Whether you’re an engineer running simulations, a developer in need of robust testing environments, or an organization seeking a centralized computing solution, our DaaS service offers the flexibility, security, and power you need. Experience computing without limits, with the convenience and efficiency of a Netflix-style streaming service.

DaaS Excellence

Powerful Computing: Designed for intensive tasks including 3D Design, CAD, and Simulation applications.

Flexible Software Support: Seamlessly runs various applications, from Office 365 to ERP systems to CAD and data analysis.

Advanced Technology Partners: Leveraging technologies from Microsoft, Citrix, Ivanti, and Nvidia for top-tier performance.

Anywhere, Any Device Access: Access your high-performance virtual desktop from any device, in any location.


Transform Your Workspace with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Unlock unparalleled flexibility and performance for your business with eFriendly’s Desktop as a Service. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional desktop management and welcome a new era of efficiency, security, and scalability. Complete the form below to start your journey towards a streamlined, high-performance workspace, tailored to meet the demands of your evolving business landscape.

Customized Virtual Desktops

Tailored to Business Needs

Customizing virtual desktops based on specific business requirements for optimal performance.

Secure Data Center Delivery

Desktops securely delivered from our proprietary data center, ensuring data protection and privacy.

Resource-Intensive Applications

Ideal for CAD, AI, Machine Learning, and testing environments, providing the necessary computational power.

Empower Your Business with eFriendly’s High-Performance DaaS

Embrace the future of desktop computing with eFriendly’s DaaS. Experience the power of a supercomputer combined with the flexibility of cloud technology. Contact us today to transform your organization’s computing capabilities and take a step into the future of technology.

Advanced DaaS Technologies

High-Performance User Experience

Utilizing an advanced hardware platform for an unprecedented desktop experience.

Scalable Solutions

Easily scale up or down based on your organizational needs and computing requirements.

Cutting-Edge Partnerships

Our solution incorporates leading technologies from industry giants to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our DaaS is designed for high-demand applications, offering the graphic and computational power needed for CAD, AI, Machine Learning, and more.

Our  DaaS solution is suitable for Windows PCs, Macs, Thin-Clients, Chromebooks, and iPads.

Yes, our DaaS solution is highly versatile and can be customized to meet a wide range of computing requirements, from simple to complex tasks.

We employ stringent security measures in our data centers and use advanced technologies from trusted partners to ensure the highest levels of data protection and privacy.

The virtual desktop for CAD is designed to match the individual needs. From 2D to 3D design, and from small drawings to large drawings, we test and provide the virtual desktop sized to the task at hand.

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