Software License Management

If Your Licenses Were Audited, Would You be in Compliance or Face Penalties?

We Read The License Agreement

Let eFriendly recommend, purchase, and manage your software licenses.
eFriendly can manage and document the software and licenses that your business uses, and how they are used.
Proper license management is important to help ensure your business complies with both enterprise licenses and end-user license agreements (EULA) that define how software may be used, the number of installations permitted, and what happens if the licenses used exceed the number purchased.

Hidden Costs

eFriendly helps keep your licenses appropriately aligned with what you actually need.
Companies usually purchase extra licenses to guarantee availability and avoid the difficulties of having to quickly acquire and deploy additional licenses when a shortfall is discovered, but they are often never used, creating large hidden costs.

eFriendly’s Software License Management Services Can:

  • Identify outdated software that may contain security vulnerabilities and need upgrading.
  • Verify that it is the correct license for the intended and current use, avoiding costly penalties.
  • Clean up and organize your licenses and standardize the procurement process.
  • Keep your license and software inventory optimized and up to date, reducing the costs of over purchasing.
  • Document and manage your software licenses in an effort to ensure compliance with the License Agreement and avoid costly penalties.

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